About me

Hello reader,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I started my journey to financial independence through dividend investing in October 2014 at age of 34.

Before I started with dividend investing, I was trying to time the market and making a lot of trades with turbos and speeders. Long term (dividend) investing never appealed me because I was looking for fast earnings. I made some nice trades, but also some bad trades. It felt like I was gambling and this game gave me bad night rests. Until I accidentally encountered some blogs of dividend investors. The posts that I read convinced me that this was the right strategy!

Today, some months after the strategy change, it still feels that I am at the right track. I have been steadily adding stocks to my portfolio and stopped worrying in the nights. I wished that I started earlier in my life with dividend investing, but better late than never!

By starting this blog I can share my own thoughts and hopefully can learn from my fellow investors too!

Dividend Fish